It is only natural if you are wondering about plenty of things before registering with the bingo website. We decided to provide you with the answers to some of the frequent questions of our potential customers that are new in the world of online bingo. Here is the list that we set up to help you to orientate better.

Is it actually safe to play bingo online?

Usually, it is. Although it is possible that there are several operators that are just trying to cheat you (scammers can be found in any kind of industry), majority of them are honest and will pay you the amount of money you have won. Please notice that all the sites that we would present as our recommended ones are absolutely genuine and trustworthy, otherwise we would avoid cooperating with them.

What are the bonuses and how exactly do they work?

It is indeed true that bingo operators usually offer some kind of bonuses, however, in the majority of the cases you will receive them as so-called “bingo bucks” instead of actually gaining a cash sum.
You can make use of these bingo bucks later, you can use them to buy-in for the games on the website though you will probably have to wait until certain conditions as well as wagering requirement are fulfilled. The reason for this is that the operator has to eliminate risk of customers trying to take advantage of the system.

Another fact that you need to be aware of is that you can only claim a bonus received for signing up once per a household. This is another protection set up by the operator, as some people would try to abuse this system.

I have noticed that operators are never based in the UK. What is the reason for this?FAQs

Because of extremely strict gambling laws in UK, it is much better for operators to settle abroad, gain their licence and afterwards trade out of the UK. It also helps them to make a higher profit as they will avoid many financial problems that would arise if they would stay in UK. Keep in mind that they are equally reliable- exactly the same model is used from William Hill to Bingo Cafe.

How to make a deposit?

It should be possible to use your debit or credit card or even e-wallet (PayPal or MoneyBrookers), although some of the sites could have a different policy.

How long do withdrawals take?

It would generally take no more than five working days. You should have your payment transferred to your account after this time. However, there are various processes and financial policies within the website and they can slightly differ from each other.

What is the best bingo site to start with?

We cannot really tell you, as this is highly individual. If this is your first time playing bingo, perhaps you could start by checking our reviews of the operators that are offering you to try the game before purchasing anything. They are called free bingo no deposit operators.

Is it a good idea to move between sites in order to take all the bonuses?

It can be hard to answer this question. On the one hand, you will encounter many great bonuses, however, you could actually earn much more in a long run if you would decide to stay loyal to one website. They are often offering amazing bonuses to loyal players, instead of just offering you a starting bonus and not anything else afterwards. Our answer cannot be very specific, as the sites and their bonuses vary in many ways.

How much money would I need to play online bingo?

You do not need anything! It is possible to start with the sites that will give you free bingo and do not require any deposit. After that, you can just use our suggested methods to gain certain funds that you can use later.

Is it possible to play online bingo for a living?

Perhaps. However, you should avoid completely quitting up your current daily job. There are certain risks involved and you would certainly want to have some kind of security.

Is there any chance of winning really big amounts of money?

Definitely. How does winning thousands of pounds from one single game sound? There are many lucky people which lives were changed because of one good night!

What about the bingo software – does it contain viruses or spyware?

Yes, somewhere out there could be a company that would try to infect your computer by making you download their software, but all the companies enlisted in our list of recommendations are guaranteed to be without any spyware or virus. Our priority is to protect you.

Why is the same person always winning?! Is it rigged?

It is almost certainly not. Maybe they are just purchasing plenty of cards for each round. This naturally leads to the situation in which their chance of winning is highly increased. The websites that we recommend are completely safe. In order to ensure that the winners are random are the game logs frequently checked by a third party regulator. They would notice anything extraordinary and it could lead to the license of the operators being revoked.

Is it safe to use my credit card online?

Yes, it is. There are various standard methods to protect your information and all of them are used by the bingo sites listed on bingosites.me.uk in order to protect your details. These methods are actually not very different from the systems used by banks- they will offer you almost the same level of security. In most of the cases it is not even needed for operator to see your card information. If you are not absolutely careless with your details, it should be safe.

What is the minimum age to be able to play bingo?

It is currently at least 18 years or over in UK, as bingo is classified as gambling. This can vary depending on law of the country where you live.

What if I am not doing anything and the game is still playing itself?

This means that your auto-marking is turned on. It is designed for the players that wish to play twenty cards at the same time. However, you can simply turn it off in the menu or ask the operator to help you with this process.

I have another question that is not listed here. Could you help me?

We will be glad to help you. Feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you!