£20 Free Play with No Deposit from Bingo Liner

As part of the great game features, Bingo Liner offers a free bonus of £20 when signing up – no deposit necessary. You can try out the slot machines and the bingo halls without risking your own money. You can also extract that bonus and help your bank benefit with our tips. This is nothing complicated and follows Bingo Liners’ terms of use. You will need an app to do this but it is 100% safe.

What Is Bingo Liner?

Bingo Liner is run and owned by the same people who created Bingo Cafe – another site that offers this great no deposit free play. The platform was introduced in 2005 and has become a major operator for online bingo around the United Kingdom.

Deposits are easily made through most debit and credit card providers, Ukash, Click2Pay and Neteller. It will usually take between 72 hours and eight days for withdrawals to be successfully paid – most take no longer than the 72 hour mark.

The Software and the Website

The name “Bingo Liner” supports the design for the platform. The website has the theme of an ocean liner, which is clear on the majority of web pages. I usually find that themes are tacky and over the top but that isn’t the case with this site. The colours are subtle and the backdrop is just there to add to the main site.

Getting around the website couldn’t be easier. There is a full menu that is clear right at the top of the page and you will easily get to the games that you want to play. I did find one thing annoying though – the popup windo for their online chat. The representative was too pushy in getting me to sign up and put me off the idea. Of course, those who know they want to sign up won’t find this too much of a problem.BingoLiner

The website is different from many other online bingo sites around. Instead of being the typical 2D platform, this offers a 3D world where you have your own character to represent you. You will be able to walk to the various tables, sit and chat away with the people around you. Hopefully, you’ll win money in that time.

Extra Bonuses When You Sign Up

Like many other online bingo halls, there is the ability to gain 300% of your first deposit, which is automatically applied. This bonus is in the site’s Bonus Bucks currency and cannot be withdrawn. The money that you do win through the use of your Bonus Bucks will be in money that you can withdraw, so there is nothing to worry about.

The Customer Service and Community

Personally, I love the community and the ability to build friendships within Bingo Liner. There are always players around and the jackpots are beneficial. Bingo Liner offers the same virtual halls and player pools as Bingo Cafe so the site is more profitable than some of the others online.

When I needed help with the site, the customer service was helpful. Zack, the live chat representative, was informative and full trained on the system to help answer my questions. When I sent an email with more detail, I received a response within a few hours; something that I’ve never seen with any other virtual bingo hall.

My Impression of Bingo Liner

The site offers one of the best bonus schemes available. It can be extracted quickly if you just want to get the bonus or you can play for free and gain a profit. The bonus gives people a chance to try out the various games and determine whether this is something for them in the long run.